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Dr. Helena Grant
63 Pleasant Street, suite 311
Watertown, MA 02472

Helena Grant D.C.

Board certified in Chiropractic and Physiotherapy,

Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician.

Dr. Helena Grant was born and raised in the Netherlands. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wellesley College (Massachusetts) in 1974. She worked for a publishing company and was married in the Boston area. While expecting her first child, she started the study of nutrition, for the sake of a healthy pregnancy and baby. But after baby Sarah learned to crawl she fell down the stairs one day. She was pronounced unharmed by her pediatrician, but soon after started developing continual ear infections.

After several months of this, Dr. Grant met the chiropractic physician who would become her mentor, Dr. Bruce, D.C. He discovered that Sarah’s fall down the stairs had misaligned her upper spine, interfering with the proper drainage from her middle ear, which set the stage for infection. One gentle adjustment solved the problem and Sarah never had an ear infection again!

This incident motivated Dr. Grant to prepare for admission to chiropractic school. She went back to college to complete her pre-med package and matriculated  in 1979, graduated in 1983, and completed a Radiology residency in 1984.
She completed an additional year of training and certification in the treatment of sports injuries in 1992. This time both daughters, active in high school and college sports, were the motivating force. Dr. Grant treated high school and college athletes as well as amateur and professional players.
She practiced in Massachusetts until 2003, then relocated to Arizona, where she practiced for seven years. She moved back to the Boston area, which has always been "home" to her, in 2012.  She acquired Amethyst Chiropractic in Somerville, MA. in 2013, then relocated the practice to Watertown, MA in 2017  and re-named it Greenway Chiropractic for the Charles River Greenway which runs by her office. The new name reflects an important principle in Dr Grant's philosophy of healthcare: care for and harmony with our natural environment.

Dr. Grant combines her extensive background and on-going studies in the fields of nutrition and natural wellness with 32+ years in chiropractic practice, utilizing the most effective and gentle methods available. Most importantly, Dr. Grant has lived what she teaches for more than four decades now. She stays up-to-date with recent scientific research, but does not endorse fads or unproven methods. When indicated, she will provide appropriate referrals and co-manage with other healthcare providers.

CHIROPRACTIC concerns itself with proper structural and joint alignment, restoring normal, pain-free function and optimal health.

NATURAL WELLNESS is a pro-active approach to healthcare which seeks to support and enhance your body’s own built-in recuperative powers. The purpose Greenway Chiropractic is to be a resource and to facilitate your process of restoring and maintaining your health.