The more you understand your body and how it functions, the better equipped you'll be to take care of yourself to achieve optimal health, naturally. Dr. Grant's goal is to empower you to take charge of your own health and future, educating you about your condition to decrease your need for future care. We've included the Patient Education section on our website (see the column on the left) to provide you with valuable, practical wellness information which you can incorporate into your lifestyle to improve the quality of your life. We hope you will turn to these pages whenever you have a question about any health-related issues and urge you to contact our practice at any time to make an appointment with the doctor, so your unique condition can be addresses more specifically.

Dr. Grant is also pleased to answer many of your health-related questions via e-mail at [email protected] Do not hesitate to contact her.

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... To help you understand the chiropractic approach, below are descriptions of the treatment approach to some common conditions: Disc Injuries Personal Injuries Headaches/Migraines Sports Injuries Whiplash Arthritis Neck and Arm Pain Back Injuries Tinnitus Arthritis Arthritis affects everyone in different ways...

... Chiropractic adjustments are performed to treat a wide variety of conditions, including (but not limited to): Arthritis Bursitis Carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive strain disorders Chronic muscle pain and stiffness Headaches Most musculoskeletal and sports-related injuries Nerve disorders Pain and stiffness in the back, chest, abdomen, neck, hips and shoulders, as well as extremities, such as arms, legs, and feet Sciatica pain Scoliosis Tendonitis Whiplash and other traumatic injuries Adjustments can be performed while sitting, standing, or lying down...