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Pravaha is the Sanskrit word for current or flow. When we feel joyful and balanced, we are in the flow; we are living the fullness of our being. When some aspects of our being (mental, emotional, physical or spiritual) feels imbalanced or unwell, our natural state of flow has become blocked.

Pravaha Energy Healing & Insight is the subtle, yet powerful removal of energetic blocks through assisted, focused intention. Working both in the energy field and through light touch, Pravaha Energy Healing will assist you in balancing your vibrational energy to restore a sense of harmony, clarity and well being.

Intuitive reading compliments the energetic aspect of the healing by enabling clients to become more aware of unconscious or unacknowledged energetic themes and can support the process of growth and healing on a more conscious level.

Pravaha Energy Healing & Insight may help you:

* relieve physical or emotional pain

* gain greater perspective on your life and choices

* release negative patterns

* sleep easily and peacefully

* feel calm, centered and inspired

* align with your full potential


·Pravaha Energy Healing & Insight can be very subtle and also quite powerful & profound

·It is a gentle, non invasive process in which the recipient chooses how much s/he wants to receive, & is a collaborator in the healing process

·Pravaha Energy Healing & Insight works on all levels: mental, emotional, physical & spiritual

·It is compatible with all belief systems & enhances all other healing methods

·It is not meant to replace any other healing modalities but to enhance the capacity of the recipient to receive healing energy

Pravaha Energy Healing & Insight works in conjunction with medical therapy and is not a substitute for it.

Bio: Maura Cunningham

“My goal as a practitioner is to create a healing environment in which clients can access their own innate healing capacity, be restored to their natural state of harmony and live their fullest".

Maura Cunningham is the sole proprietor of Pravaha Energy Healing & Insight and is an Intuitive Energy Healer, Certified Reiki practitioner, Psychic, Medium and Teacher. She offers a unique blend of energy healing and intuitive reading in addition to Reiki and classes.

Maura Cunningham has been practicing channelled energy healing, intuitive reading and psychic mediumship for the last 14 years. She studied extensively with Daniel Duffy, Carol Wendall, and Gerri Lynch. She studied Usui Reiki with Dennis and Ulrike Dettling Kalthofer and Joan Ruggerio. Maura has studied and incorporates a variety of healing modalities (from crystal therapy to shamanic practices), each of which have led her to discover, all healing comes from within. When we release blocks in our energetic being our natural state is to be in the flow. When we are in the flow we are free, empowered and joyful.

Apart from working in the healing arts, Maura Cunningham is a visual artist. She received her Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication with a concentration in Film from Emerson College in 1994. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Massachusetts College of Art in 2006.
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